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Pearl Barley wine,Recipe

This will make 2 gallons.

pearl barley wine

ingredients: to make 2 gallons.

3lb- pearl barley.
2lb- potatoes.
2lb- raisins.
4lb- sugar ( 1lb can be brown sugar )
5- lemons(juice only no pith)
1-cup strong black tea.
all-purpose- yeast-1 heap tsp
marmite-1/2 tsp(optional)
2tbls-glycerine(to taste)optional.

Put pearl barley in bucket. Peel and dice potatoes.( discard peel and green parts.)
place diced potatoes in bucket. Add raisins after rinsing in warm water and
mincing. Put half of the sugar in 3 pints of hot water and stir until dissolved when
cool,add to the bucket with the juice of the lemons, marmite,tea and top up with 3-
pints of water then add yeast. Stir 2 times a day for up to 10 days, then strain
the pulp in to the demijohns, add the rest of the sugar syrup, and top up with
water and ferment out.
When fermenting as stoped rack and add finings,when clear rack again and add
( You should leave for at least 12 months to age.)

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