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"Peaky" head

What causes foam to be “peaky”? What I mean is that it forms mountainous bubbly peaks. It looks kind of nice and appetizing, almost like a creamy layer. I don’t know if it is a desirable or undesirable trait.

I brewed the NB simcoe smash, which turned out really great. Tasty, very simcoe. I want to brew some other smashes of my own design to learn more about how various types of hops taste. Anyway, this particular smash has very heavy, creamy, peaky head. I’d like to know how to repeat it.

The concentration of priming sugar wasn’t higher than normal. The beer was dry hopped.

High hop presence will certainly improve head quality and retention. Also, any beers with a significant amount of rye, wheat, or flaked barley, same thing. Protein and hops.

I think hops definitely are the easiest way to get what you’re talking about. A high protein beer with great head retention will make a thick dense head, but the rocky head with larger bubbles that don’t fade is easiest to come by with massive hopping.

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