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Peaches and Cream Ale?

I have just finished brewing a batch of cream ale for my summer session beer. I am tempted to bottle half and put the rest in a secondary with some fresh or dried peaches to make a peaches and cream ale. Any thoughts on this? Any advice on adding peaches to beer?


I’ve done it with good results, I used something like 3lbs of frozen peaches (organic with no additives) in a 5 gallon batch, which I pureed and added to primary after initial fermentation was mostly complete. I also added a little lactose to give it some body. Made a good summer brew.

I just tasted a new batch of American wheat ale that I made by adding a 3# can of Vintner’s Harvest peach puree in the secondary. … puree.html Jamil’s book Brewing Classic Styles recommended this as the best way to make a fruit beer. This was an epic fail! It has a slight orange color but almost no peach flavor! At $15 a can I found this to be a total waste of money! So I can’t tell you how to get peach flavor but just don’t use the puree!

I typically use 2 cans per 5 gallons, never used the peach though, but I try to shoot for 1lb of fruit per gallon of beer.

2 lbs of pureed fresh peaches mixed with a little burbon?

I was also playing with the idea of using 3 or 4 oz of cocoa nibs. the chocolate flavor without the colour might throw some people off. >:)

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