Peach Wheat Beer

I’m a very novice brewer and wanted to make a peach beer. I came across the directions for an extract kit that NB used to sell and though I’d try the recipe. Anyway, here are the ingredients.

6 lbs Wheat dried malt extract
1 oz. Mt Hood hops
2 cans of peach puree
WYEAST 1010 AMERICAN WHEAT Yeast (I am actually using some White Labs American Hefeweizen I have…hopefully that won’t be an issue).

The extract and hops are boiled for 60 minutes, then goes to the primary for a couple of weeks. The recipe then calls to put the two cans of peach puree into the secondary and transfer the beer from the primary in with it. Anyhow, the peach puree I got from a local homebrew store is 3 lbs/can.

Is six pounds of peach puree to much for a 5 gal batch? Should I only use one 3lb can?

If anyone else has made something similar, any guidance would be appreciated.


Doesn’t the recipe specify the size if the cans?

I’m guessing the OP found the PDF of the beer. ... hWheat.pdf

The size of the cans is not mentioned. The only size I have seen are the big #10 cans, old coffee can. Looking at NB web store, I don’t think the 3.1lb cans are the big ones. They might be considered a #5 or #6. #2 being a soup can.

2 cans might be appropriate. Someone at the store may remember the kit.

Thanks for the replies. I guess I’ll contact NB and see if they remember what size the cans are/were.


When I did an Apricot Ale, the purée cans were about the size of a big soup can, I think.

I was just in my LHBS. They have the #10 cans and these smaller 3.1lb cans. The 3.1lb cans are larger than a big can of Bush’s Baked Beans.

Let us know what the store says?

That is about the size I recall

The cans I have a 3lbs 1oz. I have the Vintners Harvest Peach Puree.

I recall adding two cans when I did the Apricot, so I think you are fine adding what you have.

FYI - Don’t expect a ton of peach flavor from adding the fruit.

+1 on the fruit flavor. The apricot ale also has 4 oz of extract with it too. Cheers

And NEVER make the mistake I did by adding the full amount of extract. Nasty.

The rule I have always used for the purees is 1/2lb per gal for bold flavored fruits and 3/4lb per gal for mellower fruits.

I sent a message to NB to see what they say. Anyone forsee an issue with the yeast I plan to use?

The 1010 yeast is fine. I have used it a few times works well here.

And NEVER make the mistake I did by adding the full amount of extract. Nasty.[/quote]

Yea i made that mistake to. I now use 1/2 to 3/4 for most things. Another mistake made recently was ran out of priming sugar so I used powdered sugar, it worked but it was a little over carbed and had finer bubbles. oh well live and learn. Cheers

I was going to use White Labs American Hefeweizen vice the Wye 1010.

NB emailed me back. They said each can is 3 lbs.

How long should beer sit in the secondary with the peach puree? The NB recipe says 2 months but that seems like a long time. Does the beer really need to have contact with the peach puree for 2 months or can I move it to a tertiary fermenter after a few weeks?


If you have something to get inside the fermenter, I would give it a gentle swirl after 2-3 days to get any hidden sugars out of the trub. ... addle.html

After 2 weeks everything should be fermented out and it would be fine to move to a tertiary

Thanks. Primary was a bucket so I transferred the beer to the 6 gallon carboy after adding the peach puree into the carboy. I guess I’ll just swirl it around a bit to make sure everything fermented well. I put a blow off on it when I added the peach puree to be on the safe side. Good thing I did. The yeast reactivated big time. If I have no more active fermentation this week I’ll probably just transfer the beer into the five gallon carboy this weekend and let it sit there a week or so before bottling.

Thanks for the guidance.

No new fermentation. Guess I’ll transfer it to the tertiary fermentor for a week then bottle it.