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Peach mead

I,m getting ready to do a peach mead. I,m thinking of using three large cans (6.6 lbs) of peaches in light syrup in both primary and secondary. My questions are: 1. Is it to much aaaand 2. Should I drain off the syrup? All comments and info are apreciated… :cheers: Tank

Peach is a hard flavor to get to stick in mead. There is really no such thing as too much fruit.

As far as syrup, you would need to get a gravity on it to make sure your gravity isn’t too high in primary or end up too sweet in secondary.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to use peach flavoring. Just use half of what you think it needs by taste. It has a way of coming back in a powerful way.

Better brewing through science!

Thanks…we,ve done a peach mead with flavoring but wat to try with fruit…

Have done multiple peach meades, (Calhoun County Illinois peaches are fantastic: just across the Mississippi River from where I live). I would skip the syrup. Unless the peaches are canned in 100% juice, you may get a “cider-y” flavor from the corn syrup that is typically used.

Peach is such a subtle flavor, I’d go with adding a LITTLE flavor concentrate.

With fresh peaches, I typically start w/ 25 lbs in two buckets in mesh bag, squishing the heck out of it.
I add at least 50% of the honey at start and add most of the rest over the next few days when I “punch down” the fruit cap. Final honey added at first racking and final mesh bag squishing.

A pound of raisins add some tannin and flavor depth in secondary.

Peaches is good food.
Peaches en Regalia


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