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Peace Coffee Stout Porter

The directions are not real clear on how long to leave the ground coffee in the secondary.
Can anyone clarify?

Just my opinion but I’ve found doing coffee straight in the secondary to be a crap shoot. I’ve had the best results in making cold brewed coffee using a French press and then doing a small scale taste test to figure out how much of the cold brewed coffee to add.

I’ve always mad my coffee stout as a partial boil. I used 3 gallons cold, very strong coffee as top off water. I’ve planned on different techniques since starting AG though.

I like the results from cold pressing as well.

Does that help keep the oil down?

Cold Press is the way to go!!! With a long (24 hour) cold steep the coffee is smoother than when using a shot hot blast.

Does that help keep the oil down?[/quote]
When cold pressing coffee you extract about 90% of the flavor elements and the normal caffeine, while only about 15% of the oils and acids.

Cool! I’ve made a couple of coffee beers with brewed coffee, but the oil slick was an issue. Thanks.

I’ll be up before first light to get this brew going. I might just add the grounds to secondary so I know how it’s intended to be, but I’m also considering making a coffee extract instead. We have a coffee “Toddy” system, which has you soak the beans in water overnight to make a concentrated extract, which is then mixed 1 to 3 with hot water for coffee by the cup. It tastes great and leaves behind the fatty acids. You may have tasted coffee brewed this way in restaurants, particularly in banquet halls, where they have the extract in a machine that mixes it with water. Always tastes very fresh, with no oil slick.
BTW the extract has to be refrigerated.

This brew day went too easy - done in less than 4 hours. Racking my brain but couldn’t think of anything I missed.

I ended up putting the ground coffee straight into secondary.
I bottled Sunday and the sample taste was good. Finished at 1.008.
We’ll see if a lot of grounds got into the bottles.
The spring loaded bottling wand seemed to filter some grounds out.

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