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Peace Coffee Stout advice

I brewed up an extract kit last weekend and did not add the coffee to the brew kettle at flame out. Reason being I have read so many different options for adding it later in the secondary. So my question is for anyone that has brewed this and has any specific advice for how I should add the coffee to this beer.
Advice appreciated…

I brewed this one in all grain. I followed the directions and steeped the coffee for 20 min at flame out. I have just started drinking this after fermentation and conditioning in the keg. It’s been about 6 weeks from brew day. This beer is awesome. Stouts were never on my favorites list but this one easily makes that list.

I brewed the peace coffee stout last year and followed the directions and added the coffee at flame out. It turned out great. I’ve also recently brewed a different stout recipe and decided to add cold brewed coffee to the keg with excellent results.

Since you have already brewed, I would suggest steeping the coffee in room temperature water over night and adding it when kegging/bottling.

+1 to cold steep/add to bottling. This is how I’ve done a coffee stout in the past, and it was GOOD.
Let us know how it turns out, pls.

Namaste :cheers:

I did the dry coffee in secondary as per instructions. I thought it was too much on the coffee side. I would try adding extracted coffee liquid next time.

Great beer but drink fresh. The coffee fades fast when adding per instructions.

A bit off-topic, but I made a coffee porter about 3 years ago, and added via the cold-brewed extract method. Cracked one during a blizzard last year and it still had a very complex coffee flavor profile. I wonder if the compounds extracted are more soluble/less prone to precipitate out if they are cold-steeped?

I brewed this 5 gallon extract kit (in my 25 gallon pot LOL) and steeped the coffee at flameout. It is on tap for 3 weeks now and is getting raves from my friends. I have added the ground coffee directly to the secondary in the past (for 2 weeks) and that worked very well too.

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