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PBW Proportions

I just purchased a 4 pound container of PBW. The directions for cleaning fermenters say 3/4 oz. per gallon. I am almost positive the 2 oz. sample I received with my brewing kit said use that to 5 gallons. When using this what do you use?

I use 2 Tbsp. per 5-7 gal. Works great.

I could run downstairs to look at the jar we have but aren’t the proportions different depending on what you are using it for. Fermenters vs. mashtuns vs. kettles? Or am I just making this up?

I’ve been using 5 Tbsp to treat my 6 gallon carboys used for primary fermentation. I typically dump the yeast prior to cleaning and don’t do any scrubbing; I just fill the carboy with warm water, add the PBW and swirl. After sitting overnight, the carboy is always completely clean.

Based on Denny’s comment, I think I’ll try scaling back next time…

A small container last me a LONG time. I use the “floater” cap that was housed inside an old cracked three piece airlock as my dosage scoop and I use about a third cap per 4 gallons for all uses.(1 tablespoon?) A really heavily soiled piece of equip I will use a half scoop.(2 tablespoon)

A tub of PBW lasts me a long time as well. As others have mentioned it still works great even at reduced levels.

Wow, I guess I am using way too much! I’ve been looking for a cheaper cleaner because PBW is so expensive. Obviously, using less would make it much cheaper!

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