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PBW For Cleaning Brew Gear

OK this might be a stupid question but I am going to ask anyway is it safe to clean fermentationing bucket with PBW cleanner.

The mfg says it is. ... BWTech.pdf

FWIW, I left a solution of PBW in a new fermenter for about a day and it took out all the new plastic smell. This was not a brew bucket but was made out of the same type of plastic. Had a closed top with a small opening so the plastic fumes were never allowed to vent.

Make sure you rinse it well and sanatize.

How about the spigot for the bottle bucket

Yup. You should take it apart as much as possible and really get it clean. Spigots are a good place for a few drops of beer to get stuck and harbor infections.

Just keep it away from Teflon and it should be fine.

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