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PBR THC Spiked Seltzer

Well it was inevitable that the big boys would get in on the ‘Canna-Curious’ revolution.

So you drink too much… You get mad… Wanna hammer on some one… Once you get the opertunity… You forget what or why you were going to do… ?
Just clowning there…
So… what would be the idea behind that? Because they can? I’m not against it… I think before they should recreationalize THC… There needs to be a line drawn in the sand… Too much/not too much… and I suppose got to figure out the tax and where it’s directed…

Yeah, the whole THC thing is just not my “bag” so to speak. It was fun and intriguing getting away with stuff in 1977…good times… but…Legality and age have taken away any attraction to me. I value an intact sensorium too much these days.

Some random guy was smoking pot at 5 am on a park bench near our property when I went out to run Tuesday…stunk up a city block, I kid you not.

Edit: I sound like an old man. I should add to each their own, no judgement here…

I’m sure it’s only sold in states where it’s already legal. So the reason is why not? if they feel it’s going to eat into the beer sales create a new product and go with it.

@voodoo_donut “Edit: I sound like an old man. I should add to each their own, no judgement here…” Yea, an uninformed old man, haha. I’m an old man, but if your argument against is based upon legality, well that’s all changing daily in the right direction. If it’s based upon “valuing an intact sensorium” then you’re uninformed because todays marijuana is not the mind numbing, sleep inducing brown junk you bought in the 70s.

Fair enough, and I absolutely am in favor of legitimate medical use.

The legality bit was a nod to the attractiveness of it to a 15 year old kid in 1977, something associated with the counterculture, risk and the music scene. Now that it’s legalized there is something “less than cool” about hordes of portly septuagenarians and octogenarians in the Villages Getting high :joy::sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Like I said “to each their own”…

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I hear ya! Doesn’t have to be cool to help my arthritis…or my bad attitude…hahaha

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