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Anyone know what adding powdered peanut butter to the boil does to the gravity reading? Made a peanut butter stout and the gravity reading is higher than expected. Just started doing biab and not positive on the efficiency I’m at yet.

I would have a hard time thinking that peanut butter bring much if any fermentables to the party, unless, thats how they made it be able to be a powder? Sneezles61

PB2 should not add to your gravity points. The powder is basically ground peanuts with the oil removed. Your efficiency was better than you thought it would be. Just part of the adjustment with all grain brewing.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t anything dissolved into the wort add to the gravity? Even if it’s not fermentable?

Yes, as much as Dark malts may raise the initial gravity, so it doesn’t allow it to drop too. Sneezles61

You will likely have to calculate your self by adding 1 lb of powdered peanut butter to 1 gal of water and measuring the gravity. You should get 1.0XX points of gravity which will be your ‘potential’ for the extract

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Mmn sounds not really. Nice peanut butter

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