Path of a Brewer: From Homebrewer to Pro Brewer

Hey fellow homebrewers! I’m a long time fan of Northern Brewer, and Northern Brewing TV. I decided to take the leap to professional brewing, so I’m at Chicago’s Siebel Institute. If anyone is interest in my adventures, come ceck out my blog!
I would love to move back to the Twin Cities when I finish, but I’m up for anything when I’m done.

Hope some of you get something out of it. Cheers!

Thanks for sharing. I’m really enjoying reading about your experiences. I hope you find the time to keep it up.

Good Luck! A few forum members that I know of have made that leap. It is good to see more are on the way.

Thanks for the support! A lot of people have been joining my blog. I will continue to update it every Sunday. I just finished week 5 of the 12 week program, and soon I will be heading to Germany. This program is well worth it if you’re a homebrewer, or a brewery worker and you want to move towards head brewer or manager of a brewery.

I enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck to you!

I have completed Siebel’s Diploma program, and now I’m a brewer intern at goose Island. We don’t make 312, but we do make Bourbon County, the Sour Ladies and lots of innovation. I’m updating my blog every other week now. Thanks for all the support!