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Patersbier with C hops?

There is probably a special place in hell for even asking this, but can anyone recommend brewing the Patersbier using the same malt and yeast but using something from the American citrus hop family? The candied citrus flavor that the 3787 seems to impart would seem like it would play well some citrusy hop character.

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I used Calypso in a Patersbier, quite tasty.

I wouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

I’m guessing this will be the right answer, just wondering if anyone has had any success with changing it up.

LOL! :cheers:

I’ve used Amarillo and Citra in 2 different saisons. I entered the Amarillo and took a 3rd. I’m sure you can use it in a Patersbier, but it just might not be to style. If like Patersbier and c-hops — got for it.

I think I’ll try Amarillo next go round. Seems to be a good mix between fruity and citrus. It’s such a great recipe that seems like it would lend itself to tweaking.

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