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Patersbier Primary Temp

So I’m on day 5 of the Patersbier fermenting. Good, solid bubbling the whole time. Nothing crazy though like I’ve read about on other Patersbier posts. My wife had me move it down to the basement on day 2 and the temp has been steadily dropping from 70 to now around 62. I know the WYEAST 3787 TRAPPIST range is happiest from 64 to 78. Should I haul the primary back up stairs and put it near a heating vent? Or am I good leaving the Blackhawks sweatshirt on it at 62 degrees. I plan on moving it to the secondary at the 2 week mark. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Oh btw, I nailed the OG at 1.047 and the wort tasted fantastic. Great kit and I don’t want to mess it up. I’m really looking forward to it.

I have that one in the primary now for 3 weeks at 68 degrees.

Did you use a starter?

With a healthy yeast starter most of the vigorous fermentation seemed done after 2 days. I would think at 70 degrees and then a slow drop to 62 you might be ok.

I plan on leaving it in primary for 4 weeks and then bottling, but I’m using a glass carboy.

Belgian yeast is by far the easiest yeast to ferment with, a warm start and then a trip down to the basement should be fine. If anything you don’t want to ferment too hot (75+) or too cold (-60).

The best advice is don’t worry, have a home brew.

-Agreed. If anything it’ll take a little longer for the yeast to clean up.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I didn’t use a starter: just pitched it from the swelled up Wyeast pack. Learning about yeast is next on my list!

You should be fine with no starter with this beer, but as a rule of thumb, any beer over 1.040 you should consider a starter.

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