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Patersbier and gelatin

I brewed the NB Patersbier kit (all grain) three weeks ago. I was careful to watch for a hot break (90 minutes, rolling boil). I use a plate chiller and input water was 62F at ~8gpm.

It sat on the yeast cake for two weeks (I was traveling for a week and it felt too early to pull it before I left), got pulled last Friday, and cold crashed to 34F.

After cold crashing, I added 250mL of sterile water and 4.2g of gelatin (mixed at 85F water temperature). Note, I did not stir the beer after adding the fining mix.

I held it for four days, and then added 20 psi CO2. Three days later, I took it off the CO2 and poured off 1.1L of beer.

The beer is still a bit cloudy. I used WY 3787 (Trappist High Gravity), which is medium flocculation. So, I’m wondering:

a) Am I expecting too much of this yeast to expect crystal clear beer?
b) Is my fining process correct?

If b is not “yes”, I wonder if I should have stirred the fining in, poured off the fining before carbonating the beer, or raised the beer to a higher temperature before carbonating it, or some mix of the previous three.


I’ve never had to stir finings when adding them to cold beer. I just brewed a Munich Helles with Saflager 34/70 yeast and lagered it for a month at 32 degrees before adding 90 degree gelatin into it without stirring. It still took six days for it to clear up, but you could read a newspaper through the carboy after that. I think you’ll be fine, it just might take a bit longer depending upon how long you cold crashed it before adding the finings.

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