Party Gyle from Extract Kits

I like to experiment with recipes but don’t want to take a chance with some of my more adventurous ideas with a 5 gallon batch of good beer. So, I have started doing a party gyle (second extract) from the grains that come in the kits for a 1 gallon 2nd gyle. This is what I run trials on with my ideas. I add alpha galactosidase enzyme (1 Beno tablet) which converts the raffinose into simpler sugars. If you are using lager yeast then it can break the melibiose down completely but ale yeast only get one additional sugar from the reaction. I am not sure how much this actually helps but by taking the specialty grain bag and putting it in an extra gallon of water @ 150 degrees F for an additional 30-60 minutes results in additional extract of almost the same color as the original. I then add some additional malt extracts, brown sugar or any special ingredients that I want to use. So, far I have created a key lime pie recipe from a party gyle with Irish red ale and spiced sweet potato brown ale (only tasted the leftover after bottling). It is a fun way to play with your ideas in a gallon format.

Any ideas?

Are you doing this with steeping grains in an extract kit? Interesting. I didn’t think you would get much of anything out of a second steeping cycle, even with the beano treatment.
Keep experimenting and please post the results.

So far I am getting the same color from my extra gallon batches. I just did a brew yesterday from a rye stout kit and the extra gal is black. I am going to try making a Irish cream stout… I added vanilla, amaretto, coffee, lactose and golden malt. I will add whiskey soaked oak during the secondary.

I just bottled a spice brown and from the sip at the bottom of my bottling bucket it was really good.

My key lime pie is not a beer I would drink but my wife likes it. I used graham crackers and it was in primary for two weeks and secondary for almost 3. You can still taste the graham cracker flavor. The lime was not as strong as I had hoped but overall a nice novelty beer.

I have had fun.