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Partigyle - made a Small beer from 2nd runnings. Any product

As a bit of a partigyle experiment, I made a small beer from the second runnings of a barley wine.

Any critique you’d give on the recipe I threw together on the fly?

2nd runnings from:
15lbs 2row
3.5 lbs Caramel 80L

4.5 gallon “sparge”

Boiled 45 min
.7oz Centennial hops for 45 min
.6 oz chinook hops for 15 min

Kölsch yeast

Would love to hear what you think! Open to all productive critique. It’s how I learn!

What was the OG ? Why did you only boil for 45 min. If it was a really low gravity I would have boiled it down more, but that’s just me. I would have used a bit more hops also.

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