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Partial Mash Water

I’ve done a few partial mashes now, and knowing that my water is rather hard, decided to use 1 gal of RO water on dark beers, and 2 gals for lighter beers. It seems OK, but I’ve recently wondered if maybe I should use 2 gals for medium beers and 3 gals for lighter beers.

I use filtered (Pur) tap water for the rest of the brew and top off to 6 gals as well.

Would it be better to use for my mash water to split the RO/tap water say 1/3 RO for dark, 1/2 for medium, and 2/3 for lighter beers? And then the remainder used for the boil?

My beers run 40-60% mash.

My water has fluoride in it. Is there a way to rid myself of it?

I’ll soon be brewing an ESB and wondered if softer water is also appropriate with it as well as typical lighter beers.

My latest water report look like this:

Fluoride 0.37 ppm
Chromium .00407-.00415 ppm
Nitrate .03-2.6 ppm
Alkalinity 231-318 mg/L
Calcium 66.8-67.1 ppm
Chloride 16.8-20 ppm
Hardness (Calcium Magnesium) 226 mg/L
Magnesium 14.2 ppm
pH UNITS 7.7
Sodium 9.38-10
Sulfate 13.6-34

I really don’t care to get into tuning the water and adding chemicals to it.

Reading about the water where Fuller’s is made states how their water is hard as a rock! In fact my hard water is nowhere near as hard as theirs.

I’m guessing I shouldn’t use any RO water then? I do like that it reduces the fluoride though.

I thought I had read that soft water was ideal for lighter beers, and harder water for darker beers?

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