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Partial Mash - Turkey Burner Inconsistent

I am on my third batch of homebrew (Surly Bender) and wondered if anyone had any advice on dialing in a turkey burner to the 150 range? I did a partial mash on a Gumballhead clone and my temps got too high and I couldn’t get them to go back down in a decent amount of time. I am afraid I can’t keep the burner adjuster low enough to stay lit and hover around 150. Any suggestions?

Get your mash to the temp desired and turn the burner off. Put a lid on your pot. Wrap a comforter or sleeping bag around it to keep it warm. They also make mash tun covers for this purpose. 30min into your mash give it a stir and check your temp. As long as it hasn’t dropped too much, you should be fine. If it does drop to much (8-10+ degrees) then fire your burner back up and get the temp back up.
You shouldn’t be mashing with the burner on.

Or you can do the mash in a small cooler if you don’t want to mess with blankets.

Thank you both for the replies, i assumed i had to keep heat on it to keep the temp from falling too fast but I will try either wrapping it up or putting it in a cooler. I will mash with the intent of keeping my temps within 8 degrees of the suggested temp.

I turn the burner off and put an old insulated jacket over the covered pot.
I have to turn the burner back on every so often to bring the heat up.

All of the above but instead of turning the burner up if you need more heat try adding a little hot water instead to bring temperatures up, and obviously cold water for down.

You might also want to find a heavy piece of metal to put underneath the pot to act as a heat diffuser or heat spreader. I’m considering that for the next time I brew on the turkey burner.

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