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Partial mash recipe for Amber

Hi All,
just want to make sure I am doing this right…
American Amber Ale Partial Mash.

I looked at both extract and all grain kit recipes:

AG: 6.5 # 2-row, 2# Ger Munich Malt, 1# Caramel 60
Extract: 1# C60, 6.3# Amber LME

My recipe:
2.5# 2-row
2# munich malt
1# C60
3# Amber LME
US-05 dry yeast
and hop schedule from AG (which is 1.5 oz cascade at 60 min vs 2oz for extract kit, and then 1 oz cacade at 1 min)

OG 1.047

should I plan on adding 1/2-1# DME too?

what is the best way to figure out what my OG should be?

thanks for any thoughts.


I finally downloaded a trial of Beersmith software, and entered my recipe and it was right on.

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