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Partial mash cynic kit hop usage

I am currently brewing the NB/Surly cynic kit; the hop schedule does not utilize all of the hops in the kit.

Gonna go with the recipe for now, but thought that I would ask if anyone else thought that it was a misprint? the columbus is 14 alpha and they ask for .25 of the provided ounce for the 60 minute boil time and then there is never a mention of the rest, the .75 of an ounce that is left over.

It isn’t a misprint. You only want the beer to be as bitter as it is supposed to be. Adding the full ounce of columbus would make it way too bitter for the beer that it is supposed to be. I always keep my leftover hops in the freezer and save them for use in later beers. Usually I just wait until I have a few ounces and use it to dry hop an IPA or something like that, when I don’t really care what kinds I am using.

yeah, i assumed that it was correct; i’ll just use the rest for bittering non-kit recipes.

two heads are better than one, thanks

Hmmm…wish I would have read this before doing the recipe. I just assumed it was a typo and added all the Columbus. Welp…should be an interesting saison…

Oh dude that sucks. The cynic is a great beer and kit but Syrian golding first wort + a full oz of columbus and its gonna be alot different than the way it was intended.

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