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Partial Mash American Brown Ale Recipe

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to find a partial mash ABA recipe that I could use as my go-to brown ale recipe. Does anyone have any good recommendations? I’m looking for the mash portion to be capped at about 4 lbs of malt to mash and the rest DME/LME.


Pick your favorite All Grain recipe and convert some of your base malt to either LME or DME. If the recipe has specialty grains, mash the full amout of specialty grains with the base malt.

Several years ago I found these conversion factors in a BYO article:
base malt to Liquid ME: multiply base malt by 0.75.
base malt to Dry ME: multiply base malt by 0.60.

With the conversion factors, you can change any AG recipe to PM recipe. So, if your favorite AG recipe had 10lbs 2-row and you wanted to cut that to 4lbs for the partial mash, you’d need to convert 6lbs to either LME or DME like this: 6lbs x 0.75 = 4.5lbs LME; or 6lbs x 0.60 = 3.6lbs DME.


Perfect, thanks! I’ll have to find a good recipe.

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