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Partial boil and max IBUs

First off as a disclaimer: I’m very new to homebrewing having just ordered my first kit (brewed one batch of Mr. Beer first). Naturally I want to brew my favorite kind of beers as soon as possible which happen to be Imperial/Double IPAs. I’ll be limited to partial extract boils on my kitchen stove using a 5 gallon brew pot.

I’ve read a LOT about lower hop utilization in concentrated, higher gravity wort and also potentially halving the max IBUs after topping up the concentrated wort with water. But I’ve also read that’s just science mumbo-jumbo and in practice the overall bitterness isn’t noticeably affected when partial boiling with extract (especially when adding the majority of the extract at the end of the boil).

So what’s the deal here? If I do a partial boil with an NB extract kit, say the Plinian Legacy, is it going to have the bitterness of a store-bought double IPA? Or will it taste more like a standard IPA?

^^^ This. In my experience, you’ll get dang near the same IBUs from a concentrated boil. If you’re worried, then just add like an extra half ounce of your favorite hop to the boil and you’ll definitely be just fine.

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