parti-gyle Question

Brewing Barley wine and then a Fresh Hop IPA from the barleywines mash (two beers one mash). I believe this technique is called Parti-Gyle. Anyways… question about post mash volume. Normally I would Batch sparge my mash to get my desired sweet wort volume. Seems like what I am reading online is I would just add more water to my first mash then what I would call my “batch Sparge” would be my 2nd running’s for my IPA?? OR can I do it like I normally do. Mash then Batch Spage (first and 2nd running for the Barley) THEN Batch Sparge and Sparge again (3rd and 4th running for the IPA). Just want to make it easy on myself here!

PS: my goal is 5gal of Barleywine and 5gal of WET.

I do parti-gyles about once a year on average, and for me the critical factor is knowing how much sugar you will get out of your first and second runnings, which is something I track with every brew I do. If I perform a two runnings batch sparge (my typical process), I’ll get 75-78% of the recovered sugar in the first runnings, and the remainder in the second. With three equal volume runnings, about half the sugar will come out in the first runnings. Your system may vary.

This allows me to calculate how much grain I need to get the total amount of sugar needed. For example, to brew two 5 gallon batches with OGs = 1.075 and 1.025, I would simply calculate the grain for a 10 gallon batch of 1.050 (average of the two) and process the running separately - done! If I wanted a different ratio of sugar distribution, I could calculate how much of each runnings to remove and place in the other pot. Or I could add some additional grain to the mash after the first runnings and then do a second mash to convert some additional sugars. Note that the topped up grain would convert at a lower % because you are only performing a single draining of the mash after adding them.