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Parti-gyle on seperate days

Can I do the second runnings several days later if I wasn’t able to do it the same day as the first? I was thinking of putting the second runnings in the fridge for a week or two then processing it.

Ive mashed on one day and brewed the next. I don’t see any problem . It takes longer and more fuel to get to a boil going though.

Even cold wouldn’t the unboiled wort sour after that long?

You’d have to mash out at 170 F for at least 15 minutes to kill the enzymes AND to kill bacteria and wild yeast. Then you’d be safe to keep it overnight or even a few weeks, but not forever as botulism could become a possibility over time.

Like I said I only did it for the next day. If I did it longer I would drain the mash into a sanitized bucket and put the cover on then refrigerate. Like Dave said mashout at 170. I’ve saved wort longer for starters no problem. Another thing you can do if you have a freezer is freeze it then keep it longer. Of course there are no guarantees.

The beauty of doing a partygyle is it only adds an hour to brew day and you get twice the beer. As soon as the first batch is done start chilling and start your next boil. By time your done chilling and have that first beer in the fermentor your second batch is done. You only have to set up and clean up once. Very economical.

Botulism only occurs in a non-acidic vacuum environment so unless you’re canning the wort you shouldnt have any problems with that. I would think wort wouldnt last too long without going sour though…

As I recall, most spoilage bacteria dies out at temperatures over 150 f and the active enzymes denature entirely after about 2 hours. Still, unless you’re boiling it for about 15 minutes, I wouldn’t feel comfortable suggesting you keep it more than a few days to a week in the fridge.

It’s just a thought at this point, I’m seeing what realistic options are out there. I do have a couple of big beers planned in the next few months and might go for a second smaller one.

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