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Paranoid - or a DME Issue?

Three issues I recently experienced which are making me wonder if I received a bad pound of Briess pils DME:

  1. While making a 1 liter starter in my 2 liter flask (actual flask volume more like 3 liters) on the stovetop I could not control the break. Usually it takes me 2 or 3 minutes where I have to watch closely, occasionally removing it from the heat, but this time I easily spent 20 minutes and could not control the detergent like bubbles I was getting. Finally I thought maybe I didn’t rinse my flask well enough and dumped it, rinsed really well, and started over - same problem.

  2. I came up a little short on my gravity for the brew I prepared the starter for and added 8 ounces of the same DME in the last 5 minutes of the boil to bump it up a few points. Had a huge hot break and almost boiled over, just barely got it under control in 5 minutes.

  3. Now it’s fermenting in a 6.5 gallon carboy with 5.25 gallons volume at 65 degrees with Wyeast 1056 and I had a blow off. The krausen is literally 8" above the surface of the wort and also climbed 12" up the blow off tube. I typically ferment this at 62 degrees and usually get a 2" to 3" krausen.

Now I’m wondering if something was up with the DME or if these where all strange coincidences and I’m paranoid?

Sounds to me like you might have had a little residual soap in your flask. Let us know how this batch turns out for you. Taste soapy at all??

same thought here. what do you use to clean and sanitize?

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