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Palisade hops

As i began planning my next IPA. I came across palisade hops and was wondering if anyone had tried them before. There doesn’t seem to be much info on them, but says ideal for IPA’S.

Med alpha hop that I think is something like Willamette, I like it and used it with Chinook in a APA.
That combo was sort of grapefruity. Palisades is a west coast thing, with lots of possibilities, I think.
Hope that helps. I found it on Hopunion.

I bought some last month and the shop I bought them from described them as like a strong willamette. I’m thinking a good choice for a dark British ale.

I’ve used Palisade in a blend with Cascade and Chinook and it was very tasty.
I also brewed an all palisade pale ale. Citrus with slight grass flavor and a pleasant, fresh mowed lawn aroma.
I think Dogfish uses this in their blend for 60 minute IPA.

NB’s Shining Star Pale Ale uses Palisades for bittering along with Centennial & Columbus. Very tasty combo. Give it a shot!

My LBS store had 1 pound bags for 6.99 so I went ahead and got a pound of them. Im sure i will use them.

That’s a great price for a good hop. Works best in a blend than by itself, at least for my taste.

I can tell the future…IPA! Oh wait you said that already.
A little birdie told me Palisade with Willamette in an Am. brown Ale kicks @ss.

+1 on having used them in a Pale Ale. Grapefruity when added early. Blended with chinook and Columbus. Yum.

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