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Pale ale

Due to coronna. And lock down. This leads to. More eating and drinking. A pale ale. Push this. One out in 2.5 weeks. Using. Kveik oyl 061 yeast


And brew dog wanted to be in the pic as well


Also Voss… drinking uncarbonated because I’m a lush and cannot wait.


Nice. Me looking. And research. On more different. Kviek. Yeast. Strains. Yeast bay. Got some different yeast. What. Works here with the climate.

The Oslo isn’t available right now but you should get on their mailing list. It’s too bad there is only one place making it.

Bootleg also has a strain called Aurora that is unique to them as well.

A20 Citrus can go up to 80F

We should start a thread in the yeast tread for this conversation because others may find it useful in the coming months.

Me looking. Around. For some. Strains. Still got enough yeast. Been washing and colecting yeast. My brew buddy will come over so proberly order. Kviek. And hops. Send it by dhl to the island

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