Pale Ale Primary Explosion

I brewed up a nice Sierra Nevada Pale ale all-grain close last sunday, pitched the yeast and stored it in the basement at a cool 70 degrees. I made it at my parents house since my apartment is far to small for all my equipment, when I back saturday the airlock was blown off completely and there was krauzen? all over the ceiling, bottles, and door. I have no idea how long it sat uncovered, does this mean this batch is ruined? it was in a glass 6gal carboy.

I suspect your fermentation temperature may have risen fairly high for the krausen to plug and blow the airlock. Don’t throw the beer out it may not have been infected by the lack of an airlock. Good beer has been produced in open vats for many years.
Primary concern would be the fermentation temperature affecting the flavor of the wort. During fermentation wort temperature will rise due to the activity of the yeast. With an ambient temperature of 70°, and depending on the quantity/type of yeast pitched, the wort temperature rose 6° to 10°. Your beer may have an alcohol bite to it. Continue your normal brew process. Only time will tell. After your regular bottle conditioning time have a taste. If there are off flavors give the bottles some aging time. The off flavors may clear.

70* is way to warm for yeast pitching. It’s only going to go up from there. The most important part of fermentation is the first day or so when the yeast are reproducing and getting their business started. That’s when a lot of flavors or off-flavors are produced so that time period should start off (IMO) at the lower end of the temperature spectrum which is roughly 60* or so for a lot of yeasts. This is especially for a clean tasting pale ale. If you cool your wort and it’s still at 70* stick it in the basement for the night or somewhere cold. It’s better to wait a bit to pitch than to pitch too warm.

Whenever you plan to brew a beer and leave it for any length of time it is prudent to use a blow off tube. I use one for every batch now because I spent several hours cleaning up a mess like you have