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Paintball co2 users

Hi there,

I’ve read a little on using paintball co2 canisters for carbonating kegs. Seems used tanks can be had pretty inexpensively… even new tanks are only about $25.

I have not read if the pressures are the same or are the paintball tanks storing co2 at a lower pressure than “regular” tanks?

Is it just as good except you need to fill tanks more frequently?

I’m piecing together kegging equipment but the fridge I got turned out to be non working so I’m set back a bit having to look for another freebie or spend some of the budget on a fridge.

Also…can old fire extinguishers be converted to co2 use in kegging? They seem to be pretty hefty in construction.

Personally I won’t. I mean it would work, but I think if you are using it to carb up and dispense kegs, you will be making frequent trips to get it filled. I do have a paintball set up, but I pretty much only use it to dispense when I travel or camp.

I use a paintball tank in the summer in my kegerator. $3 to fill at sports authority. I need to ship everything by boat where I go. I can put a paintball tank in my luggage and avoid the shipping hassle. Two tanks got me through the summer. I have a 5 lb tank at home. It works for me.

Cran, do you use them to actually carb up the beer? Or just dispense? How many kegs do you go through per tank?

I used a paintball tank with a three way splitter for 2 five gallon kegs and a 2 1/2 gallon keg. I used it to carb and dispense. I had a problem with my regulator in that the pressure kept keeping up so I had to bleed my kegs a lot. I got through 3 five gallon kegs and two 2 1/2 gallon kegs on one tank. I changed out my regulator and had to refill the paintball tank. I got another two five gallon kegs out of it. Second tank is now in my basement for the winter carbing new kegs. It works just like a regular tank but just doesn’t last as long. I keep an extra one filled so I can swap it out when the one goes dead. With the new regulator, no bleeding issues.

Good info! Thanks!

I only have 2 corney kegs so I think this should be fine for my situation.

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