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Package of nb products

This is the second time one of the glass carboys did not make it safe to my house. Did pick up yesterday my nb products. At the custom office. And again a carboy in thousend pieces. Think nb should package glass products. Beter before shipping to there clients. Maybe bubble plastic. For transportation

I like brewing but it seems like where you live it’s not working well. I probably wouldn’t bother with beer. I’d build a still and make spirits

Na😊works out well. Just good temp control. Got my brew room large fan going. And use ice water to keep my beer undercontrol while fermenting. I will not give up. To much fun .got now enough hardware collected.

I would try calling NB and explain what is happening to the carboys. They might be able to package one better for the long trip.

Easier to switch to PET ? Sneezles61

Or ferment in your pot

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No got enough carboys right now. 5. But did order two more and one did not make it. For now got enough equipment. I do think

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