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Pacific Jade

I have a few ounces of these in the freezer. Never used them before, so I was thinking a pale ale recipe centered around just pac jade, Maybe:

90% pale ale malt
7% c20
3% carapils

Does pac jade play well with any other hops? I only have around 3 ounces, so it won’t be something, unless they are truly amazing, that I’ll be purchasing in the future. Who knows…

Although I could do an IPA bittered with galena or magnum and do an fwh with pac jade and then the rest at flameout and dry hop.

It has a unique peppery flavor. It can be a bit overwhelming, but might be nice in an IPA if you like peppery. Could work with a fruity-flavor hop as well, maybe citra or nelson to get a pepper/fruit combo.

Sounds like it could go in a Belgian beer.

maybe add rye malt to go with the peppery flavor.

I used Pacific Jade in combo with Belma and some rye. It was a delicious beer. Some peppery’ness’ and smooth rye character and mouthfeel. Hops were there, but they melded together quite well. This keg didn’t last too long. It was a unique brew.

70% Vienna
20% Rye
5% Crystal 60
5% Carafoam

1 Pac Jade–FWH
.25 Belma–60
1 Pac Jade–5
1 Belma --5
1 Belma --1


50 IBU
OG: 1.054
Fg: 1.012

Thanks. I’ll have to try that recipe out. I got more a a strawberry melon thing from the belma hops. Seems like an interesting pair with PAC jade.

+1 to using in a rye beer. I’ve used it with Crystal and Perle, and it makes a really delicious peppery, herbal, fresh fruit aroma. I enjoy it as a bittering hop as well.

I like Pac_Jade. Pepper with some spice along with a little soft citrus.

I’m going to the North American Organic beerfest next weekend and I think one of the beers listed uses a bunch of P J. I’ll give it a go to see if I like it or not and maybe buy some. I’ve found several hops that I like by tastng beerfest offerings that feature hops I’ve never tried

OOPS. The beer I was thinking of has pacific gem, not jade.
I’ll try it anyway. :slight_smile:

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