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Pacific Jade IPA

12# 2 Row
2# Crystal 20L

1oz Pacific Jade @ 60
1oz Pacific Jade @ 10
1oz Pacific Jade @ 5
1oz Pacific Jade @ knockout

007 starter

2oz Pacific Jade keghop.

Tasted AWFUL for the first week. Currently tastes like an orange creamsicle with an IPA bite. Not getting the black pepper that hopunion stated but this is oranges all over the place. Very cool hop. Would consider adding a vanilla bean to really hammer the orange cream thing home in a blonde. Can’t wait for Pacific Gem to be done. Glad to have some new hop success after being sorely disappointed by Sorachi Ace.

I’m glad you posted this, I bought a few ounces of Pacific Jade and was wondering how to use them, I am really interested in the NZ varieties, they have such intriguing descriptions. Look forward to hearing about the Pacific Gem. Cheers!

Pacific Gem was great too. I got the melon as promised. I just did a SMaSH IPA, straight 2-row and a hop schedule just like Jade but with Pac. Gem. Keg went FAAAAAASSSSSSSSST!

Can we see your recipe? This sounds like something I would like to do!

Yeah. It’s pretty much the same as above, subbing out Pac. Jade for Pac. Gem and dropping the crystal.

12# 2-Row
1oz. additions of Pac. Gem @ 60,10,5, and knockout.
2oz. Pac. Gem Pellets keghop.

I’m intrigued as well by these hops, they all sound so awesome but I have yet to brew with them.

I just started drinking my Zythos IIPA. That is easily the best of the bunch. That blend rocks, for sure try it out.

I did a blonde ale (see below) with Warrior and Zythos. It’s one of the better “pale” ales I’ve made.

Parallel Lines

11 lbs 2-Row
1.33 lbs CaraHell malt
0.25 lbs CaraMalt (37*L)

0.5 oz Warrior @ 60
1.0 oz Zythos @ 10
0.5 oz Warrior (Dry Hop)
2.0 oz Zythos (Dry Hop)

Wyeast 1056 American Ale (2L starter)

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