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PA recipe use fresh cascade hops?

Hi All,
I have a bunch (really a lot!) of fresh cascade hops from 3 year old plants, this will be my first time using them!

I am thinking of a basic pale ale, on the hoppy side, but below 6%.

my best beer lately is one like the Breakwater recipe. (with Chinook and Citra)
12# 2-row
.55# C-60
.45# belgian biscuit
OG 1.057 IBU 54

I have some 1272 Ale II yeast slurry.

so, the hops.

Bitter with pellets?
I have some Warrior, maybe 30 IBUs of that?
or Chinook?

then my fresh hops (Cascade)
I have read to put in at 30, 15, 0 (25-30 IBUs)

should I just throw them in there? I have a brew pot with a valve, so it should drain out fine into my carboy?

dry hop?
could I dry these hops and use for dry hop? or too risky for contamination?

thanks for any tips!

I would bitter with the Warrior and use the fresh hops for flavor and aroma. Warrior are a little cleaner than Chinook and you’ll be able to taste the fresh hops more. I don’t think you’d have a problem dry hopping with them.

sounds like you got it down well enough. I’d second the Warrior and then flavor aroma and dry hopping with the fresh cones. I’m about to do something similar with a bunch of cascade.

Hey All,
thanks for all the tips.

I brewed my first homegrown wet hop pale ale last week, and just checked it, not done fermenting, but had to taste, and WOW, it tastes really great. Very flavorful. Fresh.
used Warrior for bittering.

so on to #2, this time with Magnum and a dry grain bill.

I had even more hops so drying them for dry hopping.

thanks everyone.

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