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Oyster stout water adjustment question

Hope this makes sence

So to start I am making a stout. Adding

1g gypsum mashh / 2.7g gypsum bk

2g calcuim chlordie mash/ 1.3g calcium chloride bk

1g baking soda mash/ 1.3g baking soda bk

1 g chalk mash/ 1g chalk bk

Anyway I dded the chalk and baking soda to boost my Akalinity some, for flavor purposes. Anyway on to the question This beer is going to be an oyster stout, the oysters and brine are acidic, thus creating a reduction in my all around ph, my predicted “mash” ph is around 5.56. Going with this information do you think I should add more baking soda and chalk to the bk. Or do you think the oysters would not drive the ph down that much to worry about?

FWIW, oyster stout was traditionally made with the shells, not the oysters. The shells provided necessary calcium. Yeah, I know that’s not what you asked…

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