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Oxygenation Systems?

I am wondering if anyone has experience with O2 systems. Specifically, how long do you run O2 into your wort? 30 sec? 60 sec?

Also, are the disposable oxygen tanks (Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.) safe from a content perspective? Do they contain oxygen only, or oxygen + additives?

Any feedback would be appreciaed. Thanks!

The red Bernzomatic tanks are pure O2. For anything up to 1.060, I give each fermenter 1L of O2 flowing slowly and stirring constantly to encourage absorption, 1.060-1.090 gets 1.5 liters, >1.090 gets two liters.

Shadetree. Thanks! How are you measuring volume, liters?

I have a flow meter on my O2 bottle, but it’s a medical tank. For the little red tank, get a 1L plastic bag, seal it, then cut a small slit in it to insert your stone and tape it closed. Then start flowing the O2 at a low rate and time how long it takes to fill the bag - when you find the setting that is in the 60-second range, mark it on the regulator.

Many thanks!

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