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Oxygenation Kit - how long to use?

Hi All,

Just got myself one of the Oxygenation Kits. and it says in the description “in under a minute”. Anyone got ideas on how long the kit should be used to achieve a good level of oxygenation. Are we talking 30 seconds or more on the minute side.

Is there any tells by look to see if it is ready? just thinking ahead

Thanks in advance

I do a minute. BUT I do NOT turn the regulator full blast. I turn until it just starts bubbling, then maybe another quarter turn. 60 seconds swirling around the bottom then turn it off.


Me do use my oxygen for about 1 min. Got my o2 reg set to 2. Gives me small bubbles. You should create small bubbles. Swirl the thing in your fermentor. This works perfect

I’ll second @jmck. Turn it on just enough to see some bubbles, otherwise you’re wasting oxygen.

Thanks for the tips all. Good to get some guidance ( I would have definitely put it on full blast the first time otherwise)

Thanks. Again

I used O2 a few years ago… Now it sits in the black abyss… collecting dust… Sneezles61

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