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Oxygen tank volumes

Hey all,

I used an oxygenation kit today for the first time. Does anybody know how long these size tanks last? I think this is the same size most people if not all use to oxygenate their wort (1.4 oz, 40.1 g). … 624052.jpg

Towards the end of oxygenating it seemed like the tank was already low. I assumed a tank would last a while, but I have no idea really how fast an oxygenation kit would use 1.4 oz of oxygen. Maybe its just a one time use? If that is the case, compressed oxygen is much more expensive than I thought…

Those tanks don’t feel like there’s much in them, but i have the same setup & have aerated at least 8 or 9 five gal. batches with the same tank so far. Don’t open it way up so it looks like a rolling boil. Just a little bubbling is all that’s needed. I usually move it around in the wort for 90 seconds with good results. Good luck!

Ok great; thanks for the info!

Seems like I get 10 to 12 batches off of a tank

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