Oxyclean turned my kettle black?

I used one of my older brew kettles to cook up a big batch of chicken broth this weekend. It’s an old Bayou Classic, aluminum I think. Since it smelled like chicken carcasses afterwards, I filled it up with hot water and a generous dose of Oxyclean then forgot about it for 2 days. When i finally returned, the whole inside of the kettle was now black. It’s not grimy or dirty and doesnt wash off, it’s just a black smooth patina on the inside of the kettle now. No smell either. What gives? Oxidation? Still okay to use?

The black layer is aluminum oxide. Just re soak it in oxyclean. It should become shiny again but you’ll need to watch because it will turn black again if you leave it for too long.

I don’t remember the measurements, you can look it up online. Put cream of tartar in the pot and bring to a boil and let it cool on it’s own. This will make it look brand new again!!

I don’t use aluminum, but I believe you want that layer of aluminum oxide. You usually get it just from boiling plain water.

Correct you want to create a layer of oxidation. But I would clean off the oxyclean and make it shiny and then boil water in it to create that layer. Not sure what the OP ended up doing.

Currently, haven’t done anything with it as I shut down brewing operations for the winter once my outside spigots freeze. Have used this brew kettle for years, mostly just as a hot liquor tank, and it never turned black like this from boiling water. I guess I’m just gonna leave it as is and continue using it.