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Oxidation problem

Well a few posts back I was saying how I was bottling straight from the tap. Well I was getting some negative feedback so I investigated. Most of those bottles. Gave away but put a couple on the shelf. I took a few and chilled them up to taste . Subpar to say the least. I’m figuring oxidation because I didn’t fill from the bottom. Do those beer guns purge the bottle when you fill them? May need to invest in one.

The last straw and blichmann beer gun both flush with co2 and fill from the bottom up. Counter pressure fillers - while the most cumbersome - will probably do the best job at reducing oxidation.

Would like something simple. Need to investigate. Now how do I go about getting those bottles I gave away back. Maybe to late. Some of the people would know the difference and others nay be to polite to say. Luckily one person gave me the heads up

The simplest solution is to put a piece of 3/8" silicone tubing over the end of your faucet, and fill from the bottom up. If you have a gas manifold or splitter, I suppose you could give it a blast of co2 before you fill as well.


Chill the bottle first, dial down the pressure, attach the tubing and put it to the bottom. I fill them as full as possible unlike you would when priming and bottling. Pull the tubing out as you go. There is usually some spillage involved.

When I take homebrew along in the summer for my own consumption, I full empty un-flavored plastic seltzer bottles. Not enough time for the oxidation problem.

That’s how I used to do it from the bottom and never noticed the problem. I just figure the co2 purge would be for insurance

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I do what @voltron mentioned when filling growlers. The tubing slides perfectly onto a picnic tap. I cant speak as far as aging since the growlers are consumed within a few days

That was kinda the take I got from Mueller Brau… Cold star san bottles, and some tubing to the bottom… Then I see the brewery in town using an air compressor hand held blower hooked to CO2 and just blasting it… Seems to work… Sneezles61

This would work for growlers.


What about the simplest solution… Those bottling wands? Spring release flow, so it only works when you push it to the bottom of the bottle… I like it

the problem with that iswith bottling from the keg you need to cap on the foam so you couldn’t do that with the wand. ill go back to my old technique for now which is a piece of stainless tubing stuck in the end of a picnic tap and fill from the bottom. I was just trying to figure out how to purge the co2. I have some stuff that has been bottled from the keg that is aging ill visit those later. probably going forward and aged beer will be bottle conditioned. I do use the spring tip for that

That object, its , so … shiny!! :sunglasses: Some UFO musta dropped it off! Sneezles61

I have a blichmann beer gun. I don’t use it very often but love it when I do. Easy to use and very effective.

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I stole that photo but actually had growlers filled by it. PHIL stands for provider of hops infused liquid. The machine cleans and fills quart and gallon growlers, maybe half gallon now that Florida let up on some of the crazy rules. It’s at Tequesta Brewing in Tequesta FL just north of Jupiter.

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Most of the breweries around here use those machines many places have crowlers also. Don’t see many using the old style growler. It was explained to me it’s worth the investment because send out one growler and it goes bad it can cost you customers. They look at growlers as advertisement for their beer

Tequestas beers were excellent. One fall when we were camping at a nearby state park I had kegs and the whole set up in the RV. After trying a couple beers there and bought a growler I talked them into selling me a 5 gallon keg of their “Belgian pumpkin ale” a 10% powerhouse. We drank some and then transferred the rest into an empty cornie keg. I returned the keg the next day as promised.

Oh and to stay on topic, I transferred the beer quietly so no oxidation.

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