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what kind of oxiclean are you guys using to get labels off your beer bottles? just got home from walmart they had one for clothes, one for carpet one for a booster for dishes.

In theory the best one to use is Oxiclean “Free” because it does not have added fragrance. I’ve been using Oxiclean “Versatile” because I can get a huge box of it at Costco for a reasonable price. I haven’t had any problems with off flavors. With either one, you should rinse thoroughly to remove the film.

I just use the stuff that comes in the big box, I never even knew there were kinds…

The stuff from the “dollar” store. 3lbs for $4.

It’s all OxyClean, it just has different additives depending on which type you buy. All of them work well for removing labels, just make sure to rinse thoroughly and you’re good to go.

thanks i’ll to get to the dollar store to see what they have.

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs has an unscented OxyClean out that works pretty well. I’ve been using the same container for well over 8 months.

I get mine from the Dollartree: 1 lb=$1.

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