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Overshot OG - dilute?

For various reasons, I overshot OG on a koelsch this weekend, 3 gallon batch. I was shooting for 1.051 and ~30 IBU, and ended up with 1.062 and 35 IBU. I underestimated mash efficiency and did not account for a 90-minute boil, hence the higher OG. I was planning on letting this one finish in secondary so I could re-use the yeast for something else.

If I dilute with 0.5 gallons water in secondary (boiled and cooled, of course) I can end up pretty close to the target. Would this be a good or bad idea? Not sure if I want a 6+% light yellow beer…

Good idea. Go for it. You’ll get even more of the beer that you wanted. Happens to me occasionally.

I think Dave nailed it. Just makes more beer, darn the bad luck :lol:

Yep, horrible problem it is!

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