Overpitching for big beers?

Ok I have a really nice cake of US-05 and another of Nottingham, and as I do have a bunch of batches around the corner from being drinkable, I was thinking of doing some big beers that I could age. Thinking about an RIS and maybe an English Barleywine. The former in the 1.090’s somewhere and the latter somewhere in the 1.10 range. Two questions though:

1.) Am I overpitching? I probably have at least 2-3 quarts of slurry that I could use in each fermenter. Also, in both cases, I decanted the beer off the trub before pitching, so there isn’t as much other gunk in the fermenter other than yeast and beer.

2.) The US-05 beer was a session-gravity American pub ale, hopped with Saaz to about 35 IBUs. I am wondering if all those acids from the hops will inhibit yeast growth (something about the oil coating the cell wall and inhibiting reproduction).

  1. I’d probably use about half of the slurry.

  2. I’ve never had an issue with pitching yeast from a pale ale, even dry hopped.