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Overhopped IPA

I was doing a 90 minute boil on my IPA and accidentally added my “45 minute” addition 15 minutes into the boil since I usually do hour boils. Now it’s 90 IBU’s and with a gravity of 1.055. Could I cure this outrageous bitterness by boiling, cooling, and pitching some none-fermentable sugar?

I would look into blending it with a lower IBU beer. Seems like any time any one tries to fix things with adding this or that things just get worse.

I’d just drink it! :cheers:

This subject is a logical fallacy. :wink:


Brew the beer as is and try it, you might like it. If not then store it for a month, the bitterness will subside into a good place.

All these %AA and IBU calculations are meant to get in in a range but there are a lot of factors that can throw this off anyway. At this time of year the hops you’re using are likely to be six months old and have significantly lower %AA anyway.

Technically an oxymoron… Leave it be. I think 45 minute additions are a waste of time anyway, says the man who brews 300IBU IPAs.

Is an overhopped IPA is even possible? :?

I had a FWH, a 90 min. addition and then the “45 min.” addition at 75. I still went ahead with my bursting in the final 15-FO additions, but it tastes a little… chemical flavored… not necessarily band-aid, but somewhat… I don’t know chemically. I legitimately don’t think there’s such as thing as overhopping… but over-bittering.

you can only perceive around 80 IBU anyway. Ontop of that, as mentioned above, IBU calculations aren’t exact, and without knowing your utilization you never know how many IBU you’re actually getting. For all you know, you could actually have a 60 IBU beer. I’d let it ride, and see how it taste once it’s done and/or after a month of aging.

I had the opportunity to analyze some of my homebrews, the stout i made that beersmith had calculated at 30 IBU, was actually 15 IBU. If that gives you an idea of how inaccurate IBU calculations CAN be, dependent upon your system / utilization / true AA% over time.

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