Seems like a trend for me to have over carbonation. Last batch I let ferment an extra week, used slightly less priming sugar than called for and still have carbonation problem.

Are they consistenly overcarbed? Non undercarbed?

How are you calculating your amounts?

Yes consistently overcharged. Been using teaspoon measurements

Oops. Overcarbed

Definitely need some more information on your recipe to offer any possible solutions.
Beer style, original gravity, final gravity, yeast, fermentation temperature , time in primary.

Volume in fermentor and the volume bottled.

Do you use a priming sugar calculator and weigh out the amount to use?

buy a scale


agree with pietro. buy a scale and use a carbing calculator to get the vol level by style or preference.


8 bucks on amazon and useful for a whole bunch of brewing (and other) applications.

I bought one on amazon that goes to .01G for about twice that. It’s lasted me 2 years so far and I love it. Haven’t even changed the original battery.

When I hear “teaspoon measurements” I wonder if you are adding sugar to each bottle that way. You will get much better, more consistent results by:

  • using a carbing calculator (the NB website has a good one) to determine correct sugar amount
  • weighing out all the sugar for the entire batch (use a scale like suggested above)
  • boil the sugar in a couple cups of water
  • pour the sugar solution into a sanitized bottling bucket
  • racking the beer onto the sugar in the bottling bucket
  • stir gently to mix well without adding oxygen
  • bottle

I’m with @rebuiltcellars, except I don’t actually boil my sugar. I do weigh it, but I weigh it in a 2 c. measuring cup. I boil water in an electric tea kettle. I then just add boiling hot water to a bit over the cup mark; maybe 1.5. Stir until dissolved, and dump in the bottling bucket.

I do think corn sugar dissolves slightly easier, but tabe sugar is still more convenient so that’s what I generally use.

I have been doing what you laid out. I have been measuring total amount and adding to water. Bought a scale yesterday. Thanks everyone.