Overcarbination question

Fairly new to brewing. I brewed the American Wheat Extract and all went well, it sat in primary for 2 weeks to a final grav about 1.014ish I bottled in some old Mr. Beer PET and some glass bottles. I was too curious and opened one of the PET bottles after about 4 days and there was quite a bit of carbonation and had great head when poured. It seems quite early for there to be that much pressure in the bottles. I’m used to MR. Beer that takes quite some time to carb and condition. Should I be worried about bombs or should I just chill. Lol.

Thanks for any help.

If the amount of priming sugar was correct, the total volume of wort was not low and the priming sugar was mixed well than the only other problem I can see would be some kind of infection. Did the one you opened taste OK? 1.014 should be low enough so there isn’t too much sugar from the wort.

One nice thing about the PET bottles is you can feel them getting pressurized. I would take another bottle put it in the fridge and give it a try. If by some chance the one you picked had some nasties in it that does not mean they all do. If you find another one that is carbed OK then if there is room, you can refrigerate all of them to slow down the carbonation. If you are still worried about bottle bombs, put them in a plastic bag lined box and seal it up to catch any popped caps or worse broken bottles. I bet they will be fine though.

It tasted great. It was warm because it was spur of the moment to open and try it.

Total volume after adding priming sugar was 4.0 gallons and per the calculator I used I added just under a half cup. .48

Sounds like you did everything right. Try a cold one and see if it is better.

After chilling one more beer for three days, and it still seems over carbonated, check the specific gravity of the beer. Let the sample go flat before checking the SG. If the SG is lower you may have bottled before FG was reached, or you are experiencing an infection in the bottle.