Over carbonation of oatmeal stout

Fermented for four weeks. Scaled out priming sugar. Bottled. Let stand for two weeks. Opened a bottle tonight and everything seemed fine. Then all of a sudden things went crazy. Looked like particles flying off the bottom. Help please.

Did you refrigerate?

…and was your priming sugar completely mixed? Also, are you sure it was done fermenting?

I did refrigerate for two days before I opened.

Also had this with other batches. Only one I didn’t is a batch that I did a secondary on.

How many bottles has this happened with?

That was my first bottle. Have not tried anymore

Chill a couple more bottles to see if the same thing happens. The bottle you opened may not have been thoroughly cleaned causing an infection or could have been over primed. Do you bulk prime in a bottling bucket or prime individual bottles? What volume did you bottle?

I did

  • I did bulk prime in a bottling bucket. I wonder if I had the bottle to full if that could be the problem. 12 oz

I wouldn’t be to worried right now. Chill a couple more bottles for a few days. Note the amount of headspace in each one. Open one when you feel like having a beer. Let us know what happens.

I would get one of the spring tip bottling wands to attach to the bottling bucket spigot. The bottling wand will give you the same amount of headspace in each bottle.

How much priming sugar solution did you add to the bottling bucket? How was the priming solution mixed with the beer?