Over carbonation and perceived bitterness?

I made the NB English Pale Ale. 2 ounces Kent Goldings for 60 minutes and another ounce for 1 minute.
I kind of heaped over the corn sugar at bottling time, using a heaping 3/4 cup measure.

Boy, is it over carbed. Boy, is it bitter.

I re-read the recipe later and saw they recommended low carbing.

I have taken to pouring in an oversized glass and stirring it up to release gasses before drinking. It seems to calm the perceived bitterness.

So is it my imagination or is there an X factor concerning carbonation level and perceived bitterness?

The extra bitterness you are experiencing is from carbonic acid (called carbonic bite). Your stirring method will definitely help this. Are you sure you mixed the priming sugar well? Maybe some bottles will have more “bite” than others?

Yes, I mixed it in well, and all bottles are the same. I’m thinking of “burping” and resealing them.

Please let us know if that works. Another thing you might try is to pour hard into a big frosty mug well in advance and then drink when it gets up to serving temp.