Over Carbonated

Never had a problem with over carbonating my bottles. I have always been diligent about measuring out the white bag of sugar, opposed to just using the whole bag of sugar shipped with my order.

However, I have had a very busy past two months (May and June) and just started to open my Caribou Slobber Nut Brown Ale. The two I opened, bubbled up right away and bubbled over. Is there anything I can do to settle the carbonation? Cool them maybe?


Carbonation will probably get worse…I’d put them in the fridge to slow down the yeast…Or you can you open one up and leave it in the fridge for 5-10 minutes and it should be good to go…



Perfect. Thanks.

It took me by surprise that I could put the beer in the fridge and that would settle the bubbles. Next time I will put it in the fridge to cool. Open. And then let it sit in the fridge another 10 or 15 minutes.

Thanks again.

Putting it in the fridge will not lessen the carbonation, only stop more carbonation from happening.
You’ll still be overcarbed. But if you can open one without it gushing out of the bottle, just open a cold one, sit it back in the fridge for about fifteen minutes, then try pouring. You may have to adjust the open time in the fridge to fit your beer, but it’s worked for me.



How long are they chilled before you open them?

I thought thats why yer CO2 bottle looks like it lost a bunch when its stored in the fridge…… Cold will cause it to become a smaller amount…. When warm it expands exponentially…. Sneezles61

You said you are pretty sure about measuring the right amount of sugar, so it’s possible the brew wasn’t completely fermented out. Even if it’s not chilled, you’re going to have the same amount of CO2, just in a different location (in the beer if it’s colder).

As to the above comment, you’re talking about a CO2 tank with a regulator, right? Kind of the same, but not really in this case. The warmer beer holds less CO2, so more of it escapes in the foam and the headspace of the bottles. The colder the beer, the more it holds, however it’s still possible for it to be overcarbonated if too much sugar was used or it wasn’t done fermenting yet. I think you’ll still have foaming problems unless you crack them and let the CO2 escape a bit before pouring. Once that beer hits a relatively warm glass, it’ll start to foam up with excess CO2.

I could be wrong, I’m not entirely sure. Been a while since I’ve bottled. :slight_smile: