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Over Carbonated?

I’ve been brewing for a few years now. I made 2 IPAS back to back, different recipes. They both have a lot of form and slowly the form comes out of the bottle whe opened. I made other batches around the same time without a problem. I use 5oz of priming sugar and bottled. Are they both over carbonated, or is it an infection?

How does it taste? I have never had an infection so I do not know what one would taste like but I think that they are pretty easy to detect.

I do have experience with over carbed beers though. My current batch was way over carbonated. I am able to avoid “gushers” when I open them but they have to be poured painfully slow and then allowed to de-gas for a while before they are enjoyable. Not a bad beer but not particularly a good beer either. They seem overly bitter and I believe hearing the guys of Dr. Homebrew on the BN refer to carbonic acid in an over carbed beer they had. They referred to it as a biting astringent bitterness. It does fade as the beer sits though.

Beer taste great! I do the same when I pour them.

5 oz priming sugar in 5 gallons? That’s too much. Try something in the 4 oz range next time and you’ll be fine. A lot of old (and new?!) recipes specify 5 oz and it is simply too much.

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Sounds like it is just over carbonation though. Live & learn :cheers:

Also could be that the sugar was not mixed well into the beer at bottle day…so some of the bottles will be over carbed, some will be under carbed and others will be perfect.

I’ve had that happen more than once.

I’ve had that issue in the past also & agree with stompwompa about mixing during bottling. About every six or eight bottles, i now give it a gentle stir. Seems to help. Also, the priming calculator on NB’s site or Recipator site will give you a more accurate amount.

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